Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Introduction's First

Peace blogosphere,

I guess I'll make this one my formal introduction/mission statement and any other randomness that comes to mind while "fingers meet keys."

Allow me to introduce myself: Peace sistas, my name is Janine. 

But this blog isn't about me so I won't delve into details about myself.  If you have questions feel free to ask. This blog's about the advancement of black women everywhere.  I am convinced that if women change (specifically black women), the world will change. We have so much inherent power and most of us don't realize it. The title was inspired by Bill Cosby's book Come On People. I'll be channelling his candor when I write. 

Most of what I have to say will be in reference to knowledge of self- (which is manifested into self-respect, self-esteem, etc), relationships, social awareness, health awareness, and overall sisterhood. Feel free comment whether you agree, disagree or would like to build/add to the post.

Oh yea, Let me also preface this entire blog by mentioning that I am no expert on any of these topics nor do I have all the answers to all the questions. I come to you in the roles of both a liberator and vessel. Im at a place where I know a lot yet I have a lot to learn.  I have my life experiences and those around me, coupled with my personal esoteric/afro-centered studies. I'm just here to share my knowledge as well as learn from others. Here.To.BUILD....in every sense of the word build. 

OFF THE RECORD: Ideally I would like to create a COSistasCircle where we all can come together and build. Cyberspace is extremely distant. We're a tactile gender, we need more than 'fingers meeting keys' to feel the community I would like to see built...to juxtapose the divisive nature to which we've grown TOO accustom.

Let us learn and grow together.

Peace Sistas.

PostQuote: "The true worth of a race must be measured by the character of its womanhood."
-Mary McLeod Bethune

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