Friday, August 14, 2009

Speak Positivity

Peace Wisdoms,

There is so much healing power in speaking/thinking positively. Our words-both written and spoken- have immeasurable power whether we feel it or not. There are several dogmas that subscribe to songs, spirituals, verbal chants, and/or recitations: all positive messages. Most motivational speakers encourage you to tell/feed yourself positive messages- sometimes in repetition. They know that ONE positive message can go a long way.

Positive messages create/build/maintain faith. They can create peace. Positive messages have strengthening power and have physiological AND psychological healing powers. Positive messages incite MORE positive messages. We feel better when we receive positive messages, the same goes for when we give them.

Thinking and speaking positively is most effective in times of adversity. No matter how bad the situation my seem, there is ALWAYS a positive that lies within. It can be teeny-tiny and hard to find, but it is definitely there.

I try to make a habit of discovering the "at leasts" in every seemingly bad situation. I was in a car accident last night (I'm perfectly fine btw). The accident was in no way my fault. I could have been livid based on the costs of the damage, the possible insurance premium increase, the fact that my plans were deterred. But I chose to stay positive. I even offered my step-father's services as he does auto-body work. Instead, I went down my mental list of "at leasts."

-At least...I can drive away unscathed.
-At least...the car is still drivable.
-At one was hurt.
-At least...I'm still alive and well.

And this list could go on. And in some situations the ONLY at least will be "at least i'm still alive." And that's just a part of life. The purpose of this blog post is just to open your eyes to the immensely powerful "at least." Find the positive in everything you encounter. It's there! I can guarantee that!!!


PostQuote: "When you're back's up against the wall, be happy you're standing" -Me

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Talk to HER

Peace Everyone!

Just a quickie.

I would like everyone to make it a practice of looking in the mirror and speaking to their beautiful reflection.

Tell her she is a Queen.
Tell her she is beautiful (inside&out).
Tell her she a kind, caring person.
Tell her how proud YOU are to BE her.
Tell her you love her dearly and unconditionally.
Tell her you appreciate everything she IS and everything she's NOT.

Tell her all the wonderful things she is. SHE/YOU deserves it.

In life we're simply GIVEN messages....SOOO many messages via tv, magazine, radio, internet etc. We hardly make time to MAKE our own messages. Check in with yourself some time. Show YOU how much you love yourself.

We usually get messages from the media that work opposite our best interests-being the best us. We see women who we're subliminally taught to envy, look up to, want to be etc. Meanwhile losing sight of the beauty that greets us every morning. There are SO many wonderful aspects of US, I think, in today's society, it's easy to get caught up in everything/everyone else.

Let us reinforce the positives about ourselves a little more often. We're definitely worthy.

Hotep family.

Monday, August 3, 2009

BIG CHOP's Big Feature

Peace Queens,

I just wanted to spread the news. I reached out to an amazing website ( to post my BC. If I have a platform to tell my story, I most definitely will. I know there is power in sharing a story so I chose to be another voice. I was so elated that there were even interested. So I'm spreading my joy by re-posting what they posted! Enjoy. If you like my blog, you'll LOVE these sistas site. Check them out.


Thanks Belle!