Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Inherent Power

Women of pan-Afrikan descent have such power.  We have a mystical/magnetic power about us that many of us don't even realize. If we knew the power we had, we would have a whole different stride, a different outlook on life, higher self-esteem/self-respect/self-confidence etc. We come from QUEENS. Most societies were began matriarchal for thousands of years. We ran the planet! Our ancestors were great therefore we are inherently great. It's in our blood, in our womb. We just need to tap into that energy. Walk around with the power and pride of Auset, Nefertiti, Neferati, and Hapshepsut. Research these queens, look at the impact they had. That's you! Your are them and they are you. 

Men don't pick us, we pick men- regardless of the circumstances in which we meet. You ALLOW them to enter your life, your realm, your sphere. A wise hue-man once made the analogy of a magnet versus all other elements. I'm going to remix it make a point. Black woman, you are the magnet, the men are the other elements. It's a fact that when any other element comes in contact with a magnet it becomes a little magnetic (if only for a short period of time).  The magnet remains a magnet but some of it has been "rubbed" off on this OTHER element, giving/lending it a little magnetic power. 

With that in mind, have you ever been in a (bad) relationship or "situation" where the man either drains you, sucks you dry of your energy, leaves you feeling less than? This is because you've gotten into a situation with the wrong "element." He's sucking all the good goodness that you naturally poses and living off of it like a leech. You don't notice it because it's a gradual/systematic/subconscious process. HE might not even know he's doing it-but some men do. Slowly but surely, your magnet is losing the strength of it's magnetic pull, you're light is dimming, and you're wondering how/why you feel the way you feel: worse off than when you got into the "relationshit."

Don't allow anyone to dim your light, tarnish your magnet. 

You ARE a queen, act accordingly.

Peace Queens.

PostQuote: "The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any" 
-Alice Walker


  1. brown skinned women are unarguably phenomenal

  2. I love this blog already. I have been saying that the troubles that the black community have gone through have not just decimated the men but have weakened the women. You are tougher than us, and even in the face of our trifling actions you need to stay strong. Our men should be better leaders but as we all know a man is nothing without a woman You lead through your inner strength and men will follow.

  3. Thanks for your insightful comment Ralph. In reference to "even in the face of out trifling actions, [we] need to stay strong," I initially agreed. That statement, however, implies we're the crutch for men's "trifling-ness." That men are inherently trifling and we need to stay strong through it, because it's their nature; with which I totally disagree. I'm almost sure you didn't mean it that way-base on the rest of the comment- but that's how it comes off. But hey, maybe I'm looking too deep into it. Maybe I'm not. Maybe the "need to" should be taken out of the sentence...that's all.

    Thanks for the comment and the cognizance of a woman's strength.