Saturday, March 5, 2011

LOVE (140 characters or less)

I have a new rule: If you're tweet/topic is over 4 tweets long- go blog about it. It's no longer a "twittle tweet." It's something worth blogging about. We have different mediums for a reason.

Here are a few tweets (a whopping 7 tweets) that I shared on Feb13, 2011. All in the name of love. I'm not sure what inspired the thoughts but here it goes:

"all everyone ever wants is love.

the 1st energy in motion: love. the "felt in the womb" love. that umbilical love. that "sight unseen, but knowingly present" love.

-that "evidence of a source" love. that "there's something beyond me" love. that "connection to all things" love

- that "fuel to your passionate fire" love. that "reason to waking up" love. that "gift to the world" love. that "must be shared" love

love. our gift to the world. no limitations. doesn't run out. doesn't expire. shared in innumerable ways. the core of us all- "us" meaning

-any thing or anyone with life/blood/breath etc. it knows no language. doesn't discriminate. transcends time and space.

...and if no one has said this today: I love you. I love the you that even you find hard to love. peace."

I still firmly believe this. It's that simple, basic yet extremely powerful force. I challenge you to love! Love yourself. Love your brothers and sisters. Give love in every moment for as long as possible. Don't be distracted by noise- because that's all it is and all it will ever be is NOISE.

Not only GIVE love, but learn how to RECEIVE love as well.

That's it for now.

Peace & LOVE.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Almighty To-Do list

'ello my lovelies,

My newfound obsession is the to-do list. Many people are equipped with these internally but I am coming to adore the physical version. Of course, I've done this before. Of course this is not ground breaking information but in this time/space in my life it's doing amazing things. "It" as is writing new items, checking them off, repeat. I love this process. I love the sense of accomplishment when my day's tasks are complete.

Some people write, others remember, many use technology to assist. Whatever the method I think it's massively helpful to your goals. There's so many types! Long term, short term, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. It can be fun. And it WILL be rewarding when you actually complete the items.


1) I usually do my hardest item first just to get it out of the way- everything else will seem like a walk in park once that MAJOR item is taken care of. Test it and see.

2) The last item on EVERY daily to-do list is "Make tomorrow's list"- going into the day with a plan sets you up to 'hit the ground running' and not waste valuable time making a list ON the day you're to complete it.

That's it for now.