Saturday, March 27, 2010

You Can Be a Star!!!

Hey Lovelies,

Janelle's Monae's beautiful and smooth voice can lend some inspiration those for us who need it. You may not want to be a singer or even a celebrity per se, but this is still a source of inspiration. Apply this to whatever you have brewing inside of you: any goal, aspiration, passion, and/or dream you may have. I know you have one...or a few! We're born dreamers!


Friday, March 19, 2010

AHA Moment: Perspective

Peace Queens,

I had to share this with you all.

So my book club is reading Hill Harper's "The Conversation." A book about black relationships. This man drops gems "all up & thru" this book. Pick it up! I'm not sure if I'm late or WHAT! But this message resonated with me. I've heard it several times from several outlets but this time it was heavy!

In the chapter "The Language of Men," Harper mentions how his friend wasn't raised around men so she may not be able to speak "the language of men" with ease.

The Aha moment happened just in that small reference. I, too, was not raised around men so this makes SO MUCH SENSE.

I have a limited perspective on "the language of men," the way in which they communicate, small idiosyncrasies, etc. Things that make men, men. The types of things a young girl would notice, recognize, learn, absorb, then subsequently understand as an adult woman. As an adult, I now realize that this "language of men" may be confusing, misleading, or foreign, but as long as I am cognizant that there IS an inherent difference, I open myself to possibilities, growth, understanding, and love. There ARE differences. No one's better or worse, just different. THIS is what I admire, respect, and appreciate. And in some ways, find beauty in. *swoon*

This is where I come to you all to spread the word that we have to be knowledgeable of where our point of view/awareness/understanding has its limitations. It will alleviate so much (potential) pain and confusion. From this, we can gain understanding and consciously push ourselves to have more patience with our brothers.

There is beauty in our differences. We just have to be willing to learn what they are, understand them and show compassion. THEN we can move forward, grow, create legacies and take over the world...but I digress. :)

Books like "Act Like a Man, Think Like a Woman" and "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" are sharing a similar message, but for some reason that small reference hit me in a special place.

Whether I'm late or not, I'm glad to have made this discovery/epiphany/overstanding. Life is all about those anyway, right?!

Peace Fam!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Choose Happiness

Greetings everyone!!

Just a simple reminder for you to choose happiness. Whatever that means in your life. Choose it on a small scale as well as a large scale. I ascribe to the philosophy that if you choose happiness in the smaller decisions in life, you will undoubtedly create happiness in the long-run. It makes logical sense.

..::side note::..

(Re)examining or discovering what makes you happy may be a good idea

Metaphorically speaking, if you're following driving directions correctly, you will DEFINITELY reach you destination. If you get distracted and/or deviate from those directions, the journey may become difficult, it will delay reaching the destination. And if you stray far enough from the "plan" or directions, you may never reach that destination (in this case happiness).

I hope that made sense.

Always remember that happiness is a conscious choice, it doesn't come automatic in life. You have to work at achieving it. There are ways to seek, cultivate, and maintain it. This is all relative to each person's life. To each her own....really. I recommend finding it within yourself rather than relying on someone/something else to provide it for you. This is to ensure it's sustainment. People and things come and go, but the woman in the mirror will always be there! :)

That's all for now.

Love yourself.