Thursday, October 7, 2010

Long time! I miss thissss!!!

I miss blogging! I really do.

Life happened. I don't normally blog about me, but I'd like to offer an update/reason for my absence. And the only reason I haven't deleted the entire blog is because I believe knowledge&wisdom is infinite and has infinite possibilities. I personally, don't like seeing "stale" blogs so I'm just splashing a little sparkle on mine so it's not AS stale...

I'm working. Starting a business. Most of my life is spent eating, sleeping, working, researching. I love all my blog followers, visitors and net surfers who land on the site.

Little tid-bit.

If you ever want to know more about yourself, I recommend you check your birth/natal chart. It is an astrological tool that requires information such as your date, TIME and location of your birth to tell you things about yourself. NOTHING like the daily horus-scopes. It's like your fingerprint... It will only be about YOU! It's based on how the stars were aligned on the day & time you were born ALSO intertwined with the longitude &latitude of that manifestation (birth). POWERFUL STUFF! THEN, do the knowledge about what it means when which planets are in which sign for YOUR chart. DEEP!

TAKE IT A STEP FURTHER by keeping up with the planetary alignments and shifts as then happen. Prepare for them. Notice their effect on your mindset, emotions, sexual drive, moods, etc.

Point is.. it has opened up a new realm of "understanding self." It's our ancestors knowledge and I stand by THAT any day!