Friday, May 15, 2009

Embrace Your Hairitage: The Introduction

I feel a hair-volution in the air. And the hair-volution will not be televised. 

The next few entries will be a series for “embrace your hairitage.” This topic has been on my mind for the past few months.  With the stories in the media about Michelle, Sasha and Malia Obama, Oprah and the recent Tyra show episode, I felt compelled to share my research and opinions for this “good hair vs. bad hair/ straightened vs. natural debate.”  Let me just say that I am NO expert on this topic but I have been doing research since I started my journey into “naturaldom.” In my heart of hearts I knew I was making the right decision to go natural but I wanted all the scientific evidence to back me up so it wouldn’t just be a phase, but rather a definitive, informed decision such that I’d only be the ULTIMATE hypocrite to go back.  PS: I’m doing the “BC” (big chop) this June, as it the optimal time in this year’s lunar/ solstice schedule. 

..::lesson learned::.. If you seek knowledge on any particular topic, there is nothing to stop you from getting it; no matter what it is!

Some of the information I share will be from websites, books, or blogs etc. I will also have a list of references/hyperlinks so that you too can seek this type of information if you so choose. 

Come on this journey with me...

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