Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What I Want for Us...

Peace Queens,

As the (calendar) year comes to a close, I'd like to share my wish/dream/hope for us. These come in no particular order, but they all stem from the initial thought of "health, wealth and knowledge of self."

For my sisters,
I want you to be in-tuned with yourselves: physically, mentally, spiritually.

Take time for introspection. Figure YOU out-at this point in your life.

Make THE BEST decisions. period.

Carry (and use) your own condoms. (it had to be said.)

Find/Create your happiness.

Be purpose-full.

Be positive.

Open your mind.

Support black owned business first. (I had to splash that in here too)

Invest in your health.

Dare to dream. Don't mistake improbable for impossible...

Read more.
Learn more.
Grow more.
BE more.

..::these are for you as well as myself. I am well-aware of my perpetual "room for improvement"::..

This is not a comprehensive list. I could go on ...forever. I honestly want the absolute BEST for my people, specifically my sisters. You/me/i/we make the world ...(go 'round). I think there is SO much potential within US, our existence, our enlightenment, our collectivity, our love. We just have to wake up and have a sincere interest in ourselves, our families, our community and our legacy. I chose to post this entry now because this is a time when most people actually think about their lives: reorganize, reevalute, "reboot, refresh, restart." This is something to consider this New Year's Eve/Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse.

..::sidenote, really quick::..You=Moon (we share a 28day cycle, do the knowledge).
Full Moon= fullest potential. Sip on that. :)

Peace & Prosperity Queens.

PostQuote: "Live your best life"

Friday, December 18, 2009

To My Queens

This is for all the Queens, Mothers of the Earth, Womb-of-men.

Just in case you need a reminder...