Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Randomness: "Settling Down"

I don't like the phrase settling down. 'Yeah man, when I'm ready to settle down, I'll...', 'yeah, I'm about ready to settle down'

Settle ...down

Settle ...down

Settle as in to accept the conditons/options left with/remaining

Down as in lower, less, beneath, under, less than

So is this to say you accept the lower conditions u are left with? Are you just taking what's left in the barrel for keeps because that's your last resort?

I for one will no longer use the phrase for it has extremely negative connotations. Making a commitment to someone shouldn't be expressed as 'settling down.' It should be celebrated in a way to show this person's love/ commitment for another person....that he/she is mature enough to make this conscious, informed definitive decision in choosing a mate.

This phrase is a subconscious manipulation of the unity b/w man and woman. It's a complimentary unity and is supposed to be a purposeful decision, not 'picking at left-overs' of your life. I just think we should be more mindful of the diction we choose to use. Words have SO much more power for which we give them credit.

That is all


  1. Congratulations, you're an UNSUCCESSFUL blogger.

  2. Hello purposely "Anonymous"...

    It seems as if you have read my blog in its entirety, meanwhile choosing to sprinkle hate-full comments along the way (from the FIRST post until this one). On that note, THANK YOU for your readership. My messages have been received in your sub/super-consciousness. That is all I intend for all of my blog entries: to plant a seed. What you've chosen to do with the information is on you...

    As for feedback/attention, which I see you're obviously BEGGING for... THIS is all you will get: Thank you for reading EVERYTHING. My job is done, so ultimately I thank you.