Sunday, March 14, 2010

Choose Happiness

Greetings everyone!!

Just a simple reminder for you to choose happiness. Whatever that means in your life. Choose it on a small scale as well as a large scale. I ascribe to the philosophy that if you choose happiness in the smaller decisions in life, you will undoubtedly create happiness in the long-run. It makes logical sense.

..::side note::..

(Re)examining or discovering what makes you happy may be a good idea

Metaphorically speaking, if you're following driving directions correctly, you will DEFINITELY reach you destination. If you get distracted and/or deviate from those directions, the journey may become difficult, it will delay reaching the destination. And if you stray far enough from the "plan" or directions, you may never reach that destination (in this case happiness).

I hope that made sense.

Always remember that happiness is a conscious choice, it doesn't come automatic in life. You have to work at achieving it. There are ways to seek, cultivate, and maintain it. This is all relative to each person's life. To each her own....really. I recommend finding it within yourself rather than relying on someone/something else to provide it for you. This is to ensure it's sustainment. People and things come and go, but the woman in the mirror will always be there! :)

That's all for now.

Love yourself.

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